CMK Heritage Catalogue IV

CMK Heritage Catalogue IV

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“‘CMK’ itself commemorates three founder programs–Crabbet of Lady Wentworth of England, Maynesboro of W. R. Brown in New Hampshire, and the W.K. Kellogg program at Pomona in Southern California….”

from “The CMK Heritage” by Michael Bowling, one of the articles in this latest book in the series.

Also of interest are an article on the history of the CMK preservation breeding movement by Rick Synowski; “Reconstructing Domow” by Michael Bowling and Robert J. Cadranell II (an investigation into the true pedigree of the mare Domow, based upon “eye witness accounts of the colors of various horses” and modern mitochondrial DNA tests; and an article on Preservation Breeding by Charles C. Craver III.

The book includes historical and contemporary (at time of publication) photos of various CMK horses.